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"The best photographers have a visual approach that is as unique as a signature and here it was poise, peace and subtlety that set them apart. Displaying broad photographic ability and creative vision, this photographer showed that you don't need to scream to be heard - they got our attention with a whisper."

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Guestbook for Wild&Endangered
185.Silva Vaughan-Jones(non-registered)
Hi there Georgina, it's been a while since I visited your site and I was stoked at how many wonderful images you have on here, some stunning work indeed, congratulations, it's come out of many hours of hard work I know.
I want to thank you for adding me to your list of top Australian bird photographers, I just hope I deserve to be there!
I notice you now are using the 500mm lots, you obviously like it and it works well for you, I have deliberated about this lens for just so long but feel like I should eventually go there.
Good luck with your wonderful work.
Truly amazing photos!
157.Craig Mcintosh(non-registered)
Hi Georgina,

Mel has posted one your brilliant photos on her face book. From there I was able to find this page. The photographs you have taken are truly amazing. It so good to see that you are lifting people's awareness about the endangered species. I have been a supporter of endangered birds for many years. Keep up the great work!
153.Ian Wall(non-registered)
Hi Georgina, Thanks so much for your fabulous photos and comments on wildlife and "how to" hints on photography...all very inspiring.
143.raja babu(non-registered)