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Why and How to enter Photo Competitions

July 21, 2017
The following is an article that was published in the Australian BirdLife magazine, Vol 6 No. 2 June 2017. I know that feeling. You are staring at photos on your com...
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Lazy Days in Broome, Western Australia and the Broome Bird Observatory

June 12, 2017
Another beautiful day passes in Broome. As the town bus returns pearl laden tourists to their respective holiday roosts, the tide recedes on Cable Beach to the collective...
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Top Three Tips for Photographing Waders

August 15, 2016
My Top Three Tips for Photographing Waders No 1: Get as Low as your crook knees and hips will let you go (and be able to get up again). Waders spend 99% of their ti...
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A morning at Herdsman Lake

July 02, 2014
Its not a terribly exotic location and you probably wont find any rare or unique bird species, but Herdsman Lake is one of the best places in Perth to get up close and pe...
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Birding in the Kimberley

May 21, 2014
Many people dream of touring the Kimberley in North West Australia. For birders, the pleasure is manifold. The variety and beauty of the birds is intoxicating. Even speci...
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